Strategic Alliance with State Higher Education Executive Officers


We are pleased to announce that NASH has formed a strategic alliance with SHEEO, the association of State Higher Education Executive Officers. As the organization of executives of state higher education coordinating bodies and other leaders with statewide higher education responsibilities, SHEEO shares many priorities and concerns with the public university systems that comprise NASH.  Although these organizations and their members are different in important ways, there is substantial overlap in both interests and membership. 

NASH and SHEEO already work together on several projects related to college readiness and educator preparation.  Intentionally including one another in the selected future initiatives will strengthen their scope and help attract external funding.  Consideration of shared services is another area of potential collaboration which may provide for more effective use of limited resources.  In selected areas, NASH and SHEEO will work to develop a congruent approach for interactions with the federal government, with NASH representation on the SHEEO Federal Relations Committee.

A fundamental element of this alliance is the ongoing identity and independence of each organization. Both will continue to operate with independent governing bodies, bylaws, and staffs. 

Greater cooperation between the two associations offers real possibilities for improving service to members, advancing research and program effectiveness, and reducing costs.  We look forward to bringing you new opportunities emerging from this alliance in the near future.


Formed in 1979 for the purpose of seeking improvement in the organization and governance of public higher education systems, NASH serves as a forum for the exchange of views and information among its members and with other higher education organizations, with special attention to the perspectives, problems, and opportunities of heads of systems as a unique category of higher education executives.

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Board of Directors

Committee Members

Hank Bounds

President, University of Nebraska

David Buhler

Commissioner, Utah System of Higher Education

Clayton Christian

Commissioner, Montana University System

Joe DiPietro

President, University of Tennessee System

Lee Jackson

Chancellor, University of North Texas System

David Lassner

President, University of Hawai'i System

Nancy Zimpher

Chancellor, State University of New York (SUNY)


Robert L. Caret

Chancellor, University System of Maryland

Eileen Klein

President, Arizona Board of Regents

Rebecca Martin

Executive Director, NASH

Timothy White

Chancellor, California State University System

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